Faculty Toolkits


In addition to our consultation services, we can share additional resources to support your community engagement. We would be glad to work with you to incorporate any of these resources into your community-engaged efforts.

We offer a curated set of supplemental readings and tools that are available on our website: 

Connecting with Communities 

Guidance and resources at Ginsberg Center for connecting with communities and establishing effective partnerships 


Explore resources and strategies for your in-person and virtual community-engaged teaching, including project-based, discipline-based, or community-based research courses. Discover how Ginsberg can support you in designing and refining community-engaged courses & research Projects. Our resources for Teaching Online Community-Engaged Courses can help support your virtual community engagement.  

  • Civic Engagement     
    Explore resources to help support students' civic learning such as short lesson plans and expert advice on helping students dialogue around issues important to them and their discipline. 
  • Assessment of Student Learning     
    Explore tools and resources that can help you more easily and effectively measure the impact of your community-engaged teaching, research and service on student learning.  


Discover tools and resources to support your community-engaged research intitiatives and read more about how Ginsberg Center can support your research impact.

  • Evaluating Community Impact     
    Explore resources to help you measure the impact of your community-engaged efforts, including evaluating partnership processes and assessing the community impact of project outcomes. 


Explore community engagement research and journals that are currently shaping the field. Explore key articles from the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, published by the Ginsberg Center.

  • Tenure & Promotion     
    Explore resources to help document your Community-Engaged Scholarship and create strong portfolios for promotion and tenure.