Explore resources and strategies for the various stages of community-engaged course design and teaching, from co-creation with community partners to assessment. These resources can be adapted for project-based, discipline-based, or community-based research courses. 

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Course Design and Co-creating with Community Partners

Course Design Resources

Community Partner Perspectives on Course Design

Getting Feedback on Your Community-Engaged Course

  • For peer feedback, consider applying for Ginsberg Center’s Community of Practice for academic partners. 
  • For student feedback, sign up for a Midterm Student Feedback session from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT).
  • For self-assessment, consult the PRELOAD Rubric, designed to help instructors evaluate their syllabi for key quality indicators, and Duke University’s Critical Service-Learning Conversations Tool, designed to help instructors integrate critical perspectives into their courses.

Resources to Address Social Identities & Power in Community Contexts

Preparing Yourself

Preparing Students

Tools for Anti-Racist Facilitation

Project Planning/Management Resources