The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Community Technical Assistance Collaborative (CTAC) is a community-university partnership convened to serve a universal need identified by community partners around data and evaluation.

Our work is grounded in meaningful community-university partnerships that foster a culture of learning and improvement so that together we have the capability to build thriving, equitable, and just communities.

CTAC partnerships focus on supporting nonprofits, schools, and governmental organizations to build capacity, while meeting the educational goals of students. We are invested in sustainable solutions that advance the impact of our partners’ work toward key quality of life outcomes, and bolster their capacity to tell their stories, and secure funding. 


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Menu of Service Options

Our team can provide a wide array of technical assistance and capacity-building support including, but not limited to:

  • Capacity-enhancing Technical Training: Deliver workshops and technical assistance around your organization’s data and evaluation needs in order to build capacity that could lead to increased effectiveness, increased funding, and increased efficiency.

  • Data Mapping: Analysis method that captures, analyzes, and integrates data into the context of the program environment.

  • Data Visualization: Analysis method that turns your data into visually pleasing graphics to help demonstrate impact and improve communication of your mission.

  • Focus Group Design: Partner around your data and evaluation needs to craft a focus group that meets your goals and national best practices.

  • Focus Group Facilitation: Support your organization in data collection by helping carry out and oversee focus groups.

  • Inventory Standardized Scales for Measuring Impact: A literature review that looks at existing industry standards and metrics for understanding programmatic and organizational impact.

  • Logic Models: A tool to help organizations understand and articulate a program’s impact and effectiveness.

  • Survey Design:  Partner around your data and evaluation needs to craft a survey that meets your goals and national best practices.

  • Survey Administration: Support your organization in data collection by helping carry out and oversee evaluative surveys.

  • Story Banking: Develop and/or carry out an evaluation process that captures the voice and experiences of your participants.


For more information of what we have to offer, please see a client list of some of our current and past projects. We can guide you through choosing appropriate techniques based on your evaluation and data needs. For any questions, reach out to