The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

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Our Advisory Boards voice the needs, concerns, and ideas of community members, students and faculty as they relate to the mission and work of the Ginsberg Center. Through regular meetings, the Boards provide input to Ginsberg Center staff regarding programs, initiatives, and direction of the Center. Throughout their time on the Board, members promote the ideals of the Ginsberg Center, and represent Ginsberg at the University and beyond.


Community Advisory Board

The goal of the Community Advisory Board is to benefit from feedback and insight from a broad set of community champions to assist the Ginsberg Center in advancing mutually beneficial partnerships between the University of Michigan and the community. The Community Advisory Board helps to support the Ginsberg Center’s aim in creating stronger relationships between the community and the University of Michigan, in order to increase capacity, improve quality of life, and/or solve problems facing social sector institutions or groups in the community. Made up of community advocates, non-profit leaders and government officials from across Washtenaw County, the Community Advisory Board meets formally twice a year.  

Community Advisory Board Members


  • Jessica Ashmore, Probation Officer, Washtenaw County Trial Court- Juvenile Division
  • Dayna Benoit, Community Health Analyst, Washtenaw County Health Department
  • Lauren Brandt, Development Associate, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley
  • Christine Crockett, President of the OFW and Secretary of the AAHF, Old Fourth Ward Association and Ann Arbor Historical Foundation
  • Abbey Davis, Teen and Volunteer Director, Ann Arbor YMCA
  • Teresa Duhl, Development & Communications Manager, Freedom House
  • Katelyn Durst, Volunteer Coordinator, 826michigan
  • Linda Edwards-Brown, Court Administrator (former), Washtenaw County Trial Court- Juvenile Division
  • Rhonda Fields, Executive Director, Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan
  • Jason Frenzel, Volunteer Manager, Huron River Watershed Council & Washtenaw Area Volunteer Coordinators
  • Derrick Johnson, Director of Community Engagement, Washtenaw Sheriff's Office
  • Marta Larson, Board Member, Northfield’s Human Services
  • Margy Long, Director, Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative
  • Jim McGuire, Director of Research, Policy Development and Advocacy, Area Agency on Aging 1-B
  • Jessie McShane, Family Support Specialist, Child Care Network
  • Alan Oman, Executive Director of Early Childhood, Washtenaw Intermediate School District
  • Bill O’Reilly, Executive Director, Chelsea Senior Center
  • Nancy Shore, Strategic Partnership and Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Jacob Singer, Family Life Education and Community Events Coordinator, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County
  • Pam Smith, President and CEO, United Way of Washtenaw County
  • Andrea Traskos, Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Director, Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw
  • Rhonda Weathers, Executive Director, SOS Community Services

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is composed of 15-21 student leaders representing multiple identities, diverse experiences, and a range of involvement in student organizations (particularly those that focus on service, advocacy, and/or political activism) at the University of Michigan. Members are selected through an application process in the winter term.

Student Advisory Board Members

  • Amani Echols
  • Caroline Kelly
  • Emily Costello
  • Erkina Sartbaeva
  • Julia Magas
  • Julia Snider
  • Luke Higgins
  • Maya Eter
  • Maya Makhlouf
  • Medha Sinha
  • Mina Juma
  • Rebecca Farag
  • So Jung Kim
  • Tait Chamberlain
  • Vanessa Magallanes
  • Yong-Joon Kim

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board is comprised of 8-12 faculty who provide advice and feedback, and broaden the Ginsberg Center’s engagement with faculty across campus to advance its role as a Community Engagement Center for the social sector.  The Board’s work plan emphasizes translating needs and priorities defined by the community into potential research questions and agendas, and teaching opportunities; and convening conversations, learning communities and collaborations around them.

Faculty Advisory Board Members