Tenure & Promotion

Explore resources to help document your community-engaged scholarship and create strong portfolios for promotion and tenure.

Provost's Recommendation

In this memorandum U-M's Provost's Office encourages those evaluating tenure and promotion documents to recognize and consider community engagement, specifically naming service-learningc, ommunity-based research, and advising students in public service activities. 

Framing Community Engagement for Tenure & Promotion

At this virtual session co-sponsored by the Ginsberg Center & NCIDKatie Richards-Schuster, associate professor in the School of Social Work and director of undergraduate minor programs, and Anya Sirota, associate professor of architecture and associate dean for academic initiatives, shared their insights and experiences with packaging and framing their community engagement work in tenure and promotion materials.
Materials from the event: Video recordingPresentation Slides (with Linked Resources) and Transcription Notes

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities Resources
Insights and resources for academic leadership, institutional officers, and faculty on tenure and promotion with a specific focus on the the arts, interdisciplinarity, and community engagement. The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (A2RU) undertakes original research about tenure and promotion policies and practices to help foster inclusivity in arts research.

Online database of peer-reviewed products of community-engaged scholarship that are in forms other than journal articles. CES4Health widely disseminates high-quality products that can improve the health of communities and "count" in the faculty promotion and tenure process. 

Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit 
Assists faculty and graduate students to carefully document their community-engaged scholarship and produce strong portfolios for promotion and tenure. Includes a sample dossier that shows how a community-engaged scholar may present his or her work to review, promotion and tenure (RPT) committees. A group exercise simulating an RPT committee process can be used as an educational tool with RPT committees.

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