The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Social justice comes to fruition when the acquisition of knowledge and the practice of critical reflection culminate in civic action.  Our approach is nonpartisan, and our goal is to provide opportunities for meaningful engagement on campus and in our communities that will spark a lifelong commitment to participation in the democratic process.

We invite you to Engage. Educate. Elect. 


Engage with the issues by seeking credible news sources.  School yourself on how to spot fake news here

For a nonpartisan breakdown of local and state issues, visit CivCity and

Find your Representative here


Attend our Learning in Community workshops to participate in dialogue around pressing social and political issues. 

Know your rights, and our history as a nation.  Read the Bill of Rights, review the United States Constitution and take the Civics Practice Test

Review voter guidelines within the state of Michigan through this Michigan Student Voter Guide from the Campus Vote Project.


TurboVote, sponsored by the Ginsberg Center, sets up the voter registration process for you and provides you with your polling location and other important election reminders. Take 5 minutes to utilize this tool, personalized to you!


Big Ten Voting Challenge

U-M is leading the B1G Voting Challenge.  Two winners will be honored: the campus with the greatest overall turnout in 2018, and the campus with the greatest growth in turnout from 2014 to 2018! 

Learn more about the push to increase student voter turnout in the New York Times