The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Contact us to explore our ever-expanding database of community-defined priorities from local community organizations. We can help you identify relevant opportunities that allow you and your students to advance your scholarship and apply disciplinary skills, while addressing community-defined priorities. These opportunities can be matched to: 

  • Teaching: topics, objectives, and/or discipline-specific skills 
  • Research: current or potential projects for you or your students
  • Service: relevant opportunities to lend your time and expertise 
  • Academic Programs: content area or skills

In service to matchmaking, we help facilitate convenings to bring together community partners and University stakeholders with shared interests to identify and pursue mutually beneficial projects.

We also coordinate collaboratives, such as the Community Technical Assistance Collaborative, that bring together university partners and community partners around particular community-identified needs to not only build capacity in these areas but also give faculty and students the chance to practice skills and meet educational goals. 

Finally, we can work with you to identify tools and strategies for your courses, research and programs to assess not only student learning, but also community impact. 

To work with a Ginsberg staff member on any of these areas, please complete the Online Request Form or contact us at