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the word VOTE, with the V represented by a check mark on a ballot

These resources have been updated to reflect the Stay in Place order of October 20. We will continue to revise and add additional information as it becomes available. 

How does the county’s stay-in-place order for the Ann Arbor campus impact my voting plan?

Voting and volunteering as a poll worker are both exceptions to the order. You are still able to drop off your absentee ballot in an official dropbox and visit the City Clerk’s office to drop off a ballot, get registered, and/or vote early in person.

  • Note: A ResponsiBLUE health screening is required when entering the City Clerk’s office at UMMA. Please use good judgement and stay home if you’re feeling ill. 

I'm in quarantine and/or isolation. How can I vote? 

The University is committed to supporting your right to vote. Click here for guidance on the appropriate steps to take for students who are in Quarantine and Isolation - on and off campus -  leading up to Election Day 2020.  

I’m staying on campus and have no voting plan. What can I do?

Visit the satellite City Clerk’s office at UMMA as soon as possible.  You can register, complete and submit an absentee ballot while there.  

I am planning to leave campus and haven’t registered/voted yet. What should I do?

Visit the satellite City Clerk’s office at UMMA (or the City Clerk’s office downtown Ann Arbor) as soon as possible! You can register, complete and submit an absentee ballot there before you leave campus.

I’m leaving campus but haven’t dropped off my completed absentee ballot yet. What are my options?

Drop it in an official election drop box (here’s the list of Ann Arbor drop box locations) or drop it off at the City Clerk’s office (downtown or the UMMA satellite office). You can also visit the satellite City Clerk’s office at UMMA and vote early in person.

I requested an absentee ballot, but haven’t received it yet. What should I do? 

Visit the satellite City Clerk’s office at UMMA as soon as possible! You can request a new absentee ballot, and complete and submit the ballot before you leave campus. (You should then destroy the original ballot if/when you receive it.)

I want to vote in person. Where do I vote on campus? Do I have to go someplace specific? 

Yes! Registered voters are assigned a specific polling place based upon where you live - your Ward and Precinct. This information is included on your voter registration. There are six polling places on campus:

  • Michigan Union: (2 precincts) Ward 1, Precinct 1; Ward 1, Precinct 12
  • Michigan League: (2 precincts) Ward 3, Precinct 1; Ward 3, Precinct 2
  • Pierpont Commons: (1 precinct) Ward 1, Precinct 7
  • Palmer Commons: (1 precinct) Ward 2, Precinct 2
  • Sports Coliseum: (2 precincts) Ward 4, Precinct 1; Ward 4, Precinct 3
  • Northwood 4&5 Community Center, 1000 McIntyre: (1 Precinct) Ward 2, Precinct 1

My polling location isn't on campus - where do I go? 

This list shows all Ann Arbor polling locations and this link specifies voting locations for residents of U-M residence halls. Or check your polling location through the Michigan Voter Information Center

For additional information, visit GoVote.

To view your sample ballot, visit powered by the League of Women Voters.