The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

There has been growing scholarship on community engagement that is shaping the field and can help inform your community-engaged teaching, research and service. These publications are also a great venue for sharing what you have learned. To work with a Ginsberg staff member on incorporating these resources in your work, please contact us at


Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
Since 1994, the Ginsberg Center has published the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, which is widely recognized as a leader in the field of community engaged scholarship. Current and past issues of the journal are available online.

We have also compiled a bibliography of often-cited articles from the journal that have significantly influenced community engagement in higher education. 

Community Engagement Journals
There are numerous journals that focus on community engagement primarily, and even more that include community engagmeent, but not as a primary focus.  These journals can not only inform your teaching and research, but are great venues for publshing your own community-engaged scholarship.

We have grouped a truncated list of journals into 3 main categories. Please contact us at if you would like the comprehensive list. : 

General Focus

Topical Focus

Undergraduate Focus

These journals specifically allow undergraduates to share their experiences and learning from community engagement.