Ginsberg Center Transportation: Frequently Asked Questions

The Ginsberg Center does not currently offer vehicles for student organizations, or for community-engaged courses, but we have provided other options for organization leaders and instructors below. If you have any questions after reviewing this page, please contact us at [email protected]

Requesting Vehicles through the Ginsberg Center

UM does not rent to individual students.

Participants in Ginsberg Center programs may request a vehicle.

Students can use UM vehicles if they have an affiliated account through a Ginsberg-affiliated sponsored student organization account.

The Ginsberg Center is not currently able to provide vehicle rental for student organizations beyond our Ginsberg SSOs. We will revisit this policy for Fall 24. 

Vehicle Requests must be made 72 hours in advance.

We try to accommodate all reasonable requests but we reserve the cars to be used for Ginsberg programs as a priority.

Only drivers who have applied online and have been approved by Transportation may drive Ginsberg vehicles.

Only other persons in your group or affiliated with your program may ride in a Ginsberg Center vehicle.

You may reserve a vehicle if you are the only person going to your site, but please carpool whenever possible. If necessary, you may be assigned to carpool with someone else. You will receive that person's name and contact information with your approval of your vehicle request. It is your responsibility to arrange a meeting place and time.

Only to and from the location designated by your program coordinator or group leader.

Driving University Vehicles

You CANNOT park in any Gold Permit, UM Service Vehicle, or Handicap spaces. You MAY ONLY park in UM Business Vehicle spaces or regular Blue parking spaces. If you are dropping off a vehicle, please park in the Fletcher (N13) or Thayer (N4) Parking Structures.

NO! You are responsible for all tickets AND towing fees! Furthermore, we get records from Transportation so any tickets that have been lost, thrown away or ignored will be made known to us and if it is not paid by the person who signed out that vehicle, that person will lose all driving privileges.

If you are driving a vehicle as part of a Ginsberg program, please do not buy gas at a gas station; you may fill up the vehicles at Transportation Services. There are directions to Transportation Services in your car's binder. If you are driving a vehicle as part of a student organization, you are responsible for replacing the amount of gas used in the vehicle. The Ginsberg Center does not cover the cost of your gas.

Either way, do not return the car empty! There must be at least a half tank of gas in the car when you return it.

If the weather conditions are very bad, check your email or call the Transportation Coordinator ([email protected]) before you come to pick up your vehicle (763-3548). If we decide weather conditions are too bad we will cancel all vehicle use. It is your responsibility to inform your site contact that you will not be coming in. Please listen for school closings on the radio.

It is your responsibility to contact your service contact, and the Transportation Coordinator, if you will not be coming in. If you are carpooling with others you need to inform them as well. If you can't get a hold of the others in your group you may call or e-mail the Transportation Coordinator ([email protected]) and leave a message.

Driving a University Vehicle is a privilege not a right! If you fail to follow any of the rules you may lose your driving privileges.

Arranging Vehicles for Community-Engaged Courses

The Ginsberg Center does not manage vehicles for instructors teaching community-engaged courses or programs.

  • The University offers multiple options on their Transportation website, though many or all of these transportation options may have been disrupted during the Covid-19 crisis.
    • Faculty can rent vans/buses through the University.
    • UM does not rent to individual students. Students can use UM vehicles if they have an affiliated account through a sponsored student organization account.
    • Students can use their Mcards for free rides on public transportation via AATA & TheRide, in addition to UM buses. Learn more here
    • The D2-A2 Bus can also be an option for students doing work in Detroit.
    • If a faculty member wants to cover the cost of vehicle rentals for students, you can establish an account students could then use.
  • LSA Faculty can use CEAL-Ride, managed by the Residential College, which provides transportation support for Community-Engaged LSA courses.