Campus-Community Partnerships Toolkit

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The Ginsberg Center offers a number of resources to support your community-university partnership. To work with a Ginsberg Center staff member in implementing any of the sample resources below or to learn more, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Our Approach to Community-University PartnershipsThis document articulates how the Ginsberg Center’s Guiding Principles for Community Engagement influence our approach to cultivating mutually beneficial relationships between community and university partners. 
  • Summary of Expectations Template: Start your partnership off right! Get everyone on the same page by using this document to establish project goals, contributions, expectations, level of commitment, and timelines at the beginning of your partnership. 
  • Communication Preferences: Take the time to discuss communication expectations early in your partnership. Use this tool to agree on how you will communicate during and after the project, how communication breakdowns will be handled, and how you will share information about your project with other stakeholders. 
  • Goal Setting & PlanningEnsure that partners are operating under a shared vision and working toward the same goals. This resource can help you break down large goals into smaller, tangible activities. 
  • Managing Priorities and ExpectationsEstablish clear expectations and prioritize tasks with your partner before beginning your project. This resource is particularly useful in helping student volunteers manage day-to-day projects and prioritize activities. 
  • SWOT Analysis: Use this tool to explore the strengths and weaknesses of your partnership to help all parties determine how to make the most of the opportunities ahead!