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For over 20 years, the Ginsberg Center has worked with students, faculty, and communities to develop the skills for ethically connect campus and communities. We use a community-driven model of engagement created to generate sustainable impact. The Institute for Community-Driven Practice (CDP) is a training program, offered by the Ginsberg Center, designed for faculty and staff who support community-engaged practice and scholarship.  This two-day program will provide an intensive exploration of the principles of community engagement, and opportunities to begin integrating community engagement into their own curriculum and training.

Participants will be able to:

  • Experience core content from Ginsberg Center’s multi-modal community engagement workshops

  • Build foundational knowledge for crafting and sustaining ethical campus-community partnerships

  • Recognize how diversity, equity and inclusion practices and ethical community engagement are necessarily connected

  • Engage in continuous reflection to deepen their understanding of their own learning contexts and their vision for community engagement

  • Apply strategies for adapting their courses or programs to align with key principles.

  • Connect with faculty and staff incorporating community engagement into curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Cost: $300,  sliding scale, for training and access to materials 

Date: Check back for Institute Dates for 2020!

Registration Deadline: TBD



Is this offering for new or experienced practitioners?

The Institute is designed to be useful for a variety of skill levels. We will begin with foundations accompanied by reflection on implications for your own practice and potential applications for training others. Additional breakout sessions will further allow participants to tailor their experience to their own disciplines, initiatives and skill levels.

Will there be a recording available for those who cannot attend?

Unfortunately, due to the interactive nature of the training, we will not be offering a recorded version. However, we do have some other options that maybe of interest to you.

  • We offer a number of different resources on our website.
  • You can also schedule a consultation with Ginsberg staff to talk more specifically about your project.
  • Finally, we collaborated with other campus units on a Massive Open Online Course on community engagement. This course has a lot of information, videos, activities, and more that you may find useful.

Will the Institute be offered again in the future?

We will determine if and when we offer the Institute again based on interest and response to this initial offering.

Will there be follow-up after the Institute?

Participants will have the opportunity to continue their learning after the Institute, in part by working with Ginsberg staff. Additional details will be provided at the event.