LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grants

LSA Community-Engaged (CE) Course Development Grants, funded by the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and administered by the Ginsberg Center, offer up to $1500 to support new and ongoing community-engaged courses.

Our LSA CE Course Development Grants are open to all LSA tenured and tenure-track faculty; clinical instructional faculty; and lecturers who teach on the Ann Arbor campus and who have continuing appointments and course development responsibilities


Applications are accepted year-round. Award notifications are typically received within 4 weeks of application submission.


  • We offer two different levels of funding: up to $500 and up to $1500
  • Eligible courses must align with Ginsberg Center’s definition of ‘community-engaged.’
  • Expenses that can be covered by these grants may include, but are not limited to: honoraria for community speakers; stipends for community partners; efforts aimed at developing, enhancing, and/or sustaining community partnerships that are connected to community-engaged courses.
  • LSA CE Course Development Grants are not intended for:
    • expenditures related to community-engagement that fall within the realm of regular departmental expenditures. 
    • solely and/or permanently funding a community-engaged course or course component.
  • If you have previously received a LSA CE Course Development Grant for your course, you are permitted to re-apply for funding. However, each subsequent proposal must address how additional funds will further advance community partnership and CE pedagogy beyond what was accomplished through prior Ginsberg awards. Continued funding is not guaranteed. All applicants must develop a sustainability plan to sustain their work through multiple funding sources and departmental/school committments.
  • Unused funds can be returned or used for a future course within the same year, upon mutual agreement with the Ginsberg Center. 
  • Substantial changes to the proposed budget must be approved by Ginsberg Center.


Faculty awarded a Ginsberg LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grant agree to:

  1. Use the funds in the ways outlined in your proposal
  2. Attend at least one Ginsberg Academic Partner workshop, program, or session during the grant period.
  3. Add at least 2 closed-ended questions and 1 open-ended question to your course evaluation from our list of recommended end-of-semester questions.
  4. Complete a post-award questionnaire by the end of the term that immediately follows your course. Ex: For Fall 2023 courses, submit your questionnaire by the end of Winter 2024 term.


Submit your application via the LSA Community-Engaged Course Development Grant Application Form. In the form, you will be asked to submit information about your community-engaged course, the need for grant funding, and answer several short answer questions. Before starting your application, please review the application requirements for a full discussion of required materials.  


Ginsberg’s Academic Partnerships staff are available to consult with grant applicants as they prepare proposals. For questions and to request a consultation, complete our support request form