Community-Engaged Course Evaluation Questions

Course evaluation questions are one way to measure the impact of community-engaged courses on students' learning. Below, we offer both open-ended and closed-ended evaluation questions, which you may consider including in the instructor-added portion of course evaluations. We offer additional tools and resources for assessing student learning here.

We would be glad to work with you to incorporate any of these resources into your community-engaged efforts.

Closed-Ended Course Evaluation Questions

  • ​In this course, I explored how my background and social identities influence my perspective – how I see the world and make sense of things.
  • In this course, I explored how to identify examples of how my personal values and beliefs influence my learning, decisions, and actions.
  • In this course, I explored how to ask questions and listen to others in order to understand if and how the needs, goals, perspectives, interests, etc. of all group members are being addressed in the group’s decision-making and activities.
  • In this course, I explored how to work with others to develop a plan and take action in order to address the needs of a group, organization, or community.
  • As a result of this course, I ask myself, “Do my decisions contribute to the overall care, well-being, or positive functioning of individuals, groups, organizations and communities that are a part of my life?”
  • The community-engaged elements of this course deepened my understanding of course concepts.

Open-Ended Course Evaluation Questions

  • As a result of the community-engaged elements of this course, I plan to get involved with my local community in the following ways:  
  • As a result of the community-engaged elements of this course, I learned the following things about myself:
  • As a result of the community-engaged elements of this course, I would give the following advice about how to effectively work with community partners: 

How can I add these questions to my course template?

  • To add these questions to your course template and/or create an evaluation template that can be assigned to your class(es), work with the evaluation coordinator in your department. 
  • While you can request new templates or template changes at any time during the semester before the evaluations open to students, it may be helpful to be aware of allowable evaluation questions & timelines. For questions about the course evaluation process, contact the Registrar at
  • Ginsberg staff can work with you to identify related teaching methods and course design ideas that support each course evaluation question. Contact us at