Alternative Breaks Grant

The Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning invites grant proposals from University departments, academic units, and student organizations registered with SOAR and/or recognized by the University for alternative break initiatives that will advance the Center's mission to engage students, faculty, and community members in learning together through community service and civic participation in a diverse democratic society.

Ginsberg Center goals relevant to this support are:

  • Build student capacity for learning and leadership through community service, civic participation, and educational efforts.
  • Build the capacity of communities through partnerships with the University which contribute to community quality of life and enhance student learning
  • Increase the institutional capacity of the University of Michigan for student civic and multicultural learning.


University departments, academic units, and student organizations registered with SOAR and recognized by the University are eligible to apply for funds. Previous Ginsberg Center awardees may apply, but priority may be given to groups who have not received Ginsberg funding in the last 3 years.

Grant Awards

Student groups may apply for funding up to $1,000. Funds may be used for project costs such as housing, materials and supplies, vehicle leasing, pre-trip education and training, and community partner support.

Grantee Responsibilities

A primary goal of this grants program is to help student organizations develop leadership and build capacity around the use of the alternative breaks model. To facilitate this, student organizations must:

  • have a relevant representative meet with a Ginsberg Center staff member at least 2 times to discuss the project and maximizing the active learning aspects of the program, specific support for alternative breaks, and as well as how to build sustainable capacity,

  • attend 1 workshop (Foundations of Community Engagement) which will help support and strengthen your work,

  • connect the social issue they are exploring to a local organization or issue,

  • acknowledge the support of the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning on promotional materials and activity products.

  • and create an Impact Report that highlights both the community impact and student learning from the project, along with a final budget report.

  • attend the Ginsberg Grants Teach-In, which takes place in April. 

Failure to meet these program requirements may result in the termination of funding agreement.

Application Process

The application for the Alternative Break Grant is on MaizePages, and due at 11:59 PM on Friday, November 10, 2023. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team at [email protected]