2016-2019 Strategic Plan

The Ginsberg Center Strategic Plan

The Ginsberg Center entered an extensive, year-long strategic planning process in September 2015 which included stakeholder interviews and focus groups, internal assessments, conversations on community needs, and an analysis of the campus landscape with regard to community engagement and service learning.

Now, having identified three major strategic focus areas (1) Student Learning and Leadership, (2) Faculty Engagement and Support, and (3) Positive Community Impact, we're poised to enhance and expand the great work of our Center and invite you to join us as we open our next chapter.

At the core of our strategic direction is a paradigm shift that situates the Ginsberg Center as a critical support for increasing the University's capacity for balanced community engagement, as well as to build a thriving and active Community Engagement Center for campus and community within the walls of our home at 1024 Hill Street.

Over two decades, the Ginsberg Center has cultivated a national reputation for preeminence in social justice and community engagement work, built on Edward Ginsberg's lifelong commitment to community service and civic leadership. We're now harnessing this legacy as we adjust to emerging trends in the field, re-position ourselves as an asset and convener of both on-campus constituents and the communities in which the University is situated, and pave the way for a more just and equitable the future.

Check out an overview and the full version of our strategic plan below, read and print the PDF Version, or contact us for a hard copy.


Ginsberg Center Strategic Plan: Overview

The Ginsberg Center Strategic Plan: 2016-19


The Ginsberg Center Strategic Plan: Full Report

The Ginsberg Center Strategic Plan: 2016-19