Elizabeth Netcher

light skinned woman with brown haired bangs, black shirt in front of wood paneling
Democratic Manager

As the Democratic Engagement Manager, Elizabeth Netcher strives to get all students registered and voting! Elizabeth works with established organizations on campus like Turn Up, Turn Out (TUT), UMich Votes, and other worthwhile organizations that support civic engagement. By fostering relationships, both on and off-campus, building up our UMich Votes Coalition, and creating programming around voting and voting rights we can all help to build up the University of Michigan’s student voter turnout. Elizabeth has always had a passion for democratic engagement and making sure students are civic ready.

Elizabeth joins the University of Michigan from Albion College where she was previously the Assistant Director of Campus Life, overseeing all student organizations and voting initiatives for the college. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Arts from DePauw University in Communication and Studio Art and received her Master of Arts from Western Michigan University in Higher Education and Student Affairs leadership. Wanting to further civic learning and democratic engagement Elizabeth came to the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor to lead the charge on student voter turnout at the best higher education institution!

In her spare time Elizabeth likes to walk her dog, Thistle, work on her painting series, or discover koroks in Tears of the Kingdom. Elizabeth loves to volunteer with the seasonal farmer’s market in Marshall where she currently calls home. 

Contact me if you want to learn more about:
  • Voter Engagement
  • Election processes
  • Big Ten Voting Challenge
B6, 911 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104