The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

The Ginsberg Center offers the following checklist for thoughtful community engagement, for students and others that want to get involved.




Community engagement checklist


The Ginsberg Center's Community Engagement Checklist: Check Yourself! Before You Engage: (1) Learn more about the community and the issue with a critical eye towards history and context. (2) Research existing community-based efforts, paying attention to the role of those impacted in the creation and sustainability of these efforts (3) Assess ways you can contribute to those existing efforts (time, talent, treasure). (4) Consider how your own social identities and experiences influence your understanding of these issues and may impact your contribution. During the Experience (1) Engage with respect, compassion and humility. After the Experience, (1) Reflect and ask, What did I learn? How did the experience challenge what I thought I knew? What do I need to learn more about? (2) Consider how you will continue to engage as an active citizen.