Congratulations, Class of 2023 Ginsberg Graduates!

The Ginsberg Center team is thrilled to congratulate our graduating students, and wish them the very best on the next leg of their journeys. The dedicated engagement of undergraduate and graduate students shapes the way we build partnerships, educate the campus community, and live our mission every day.

 Students tutor kids for our America Reads program, conduct community-driven research and data analysis for the Community Technical Assistance Collaborative, and create marketing materials for under-resourced organizations as part of the Storytelling for Social Change initiative. They teach senior citizens critical technology skills in the Digital Connecting Corps, and serve as Community Leadership Fellows building deep partnerships with local nonprofits. And they support Ginsberg programming and partnerships in many, many more ways!

As we wish farewell to the over 50 Ginsberg students graduating this year, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the impact they have had at Ginsberg – and through Ginsberg, our entire network of campus and community partners.

“Students have always been at the core of our work, and they continue to engage in thoughtful and creative ways. These students showed up to work for a better world during the last several difficult years, and that has given me tremendous hope!”

–Dave Waterhouse, Associate Director 

“Ginsberg students are ambitious and passionate. They have so much amazing knowledge from their studies, and are eager to use that knowledge to better themselves, their communities, and the world around them.”

–Jesse Carr, Assistant Director for Student Learning and Leadership

“Our Engaged Learning Graduate Consultants, formerly Graduate Academic Liaisons, are absolutely critical to advancing the Ginsberg Center’s mission to prepare U-M students for equity-focused, community-driven engagement. They facilitate workshops for both undergraduate and graduate students and, in the process, help us grow our reach across U-M’s 19 schools and colleges.”

–Kate Livingston, Associate Director for Teaching, Research & Academic Partnerships

“Engaged Learning Graduate Consultants are skilled educators and thoughtful scholars whose dedication to equity, justice, and social change infuses every part of their work. We’re incredibly fortunate to learn from and with them.”

–Jessica Kane, Academic Partnerships Manager

“America Reads students have demonstrated time and again their commitment to our community by engaging with youth in one of the most meaningful ways imaginable – supporting their literacy growth and thereby building their confidence, academic skills, autonomy, and stories that fill life with depth and joy.”

–Juliya Wicklund, America Reads Program Manager

“CTAC [Community Technical Assistance Collaborative] students are essential to the work we do at Ginsberg, supporting the data and evaluation needs of our community partners! They are always thinking thoughtfully about how to set up the work to be actionable and sustainable, especially after they move on from the project!”

–Bri Christy, Technical Assistance, Evaluation, and Assessment Manager

“Students who participated in the Storytelling for Social Change program last summer were committed, thoughtful and inquisitive. They brought unique skill sets, great creativity, and openness to explore new things to support their community partners. We’re excited to work with the new SFSC cohort this summer!”

–Theresa Krueggeler, University-Community Collaboratives Manager

“The students we're lucky enough to work with at Ginsberg are excited about expanding the horizons of their university education -- they want to get out there and learn about the kinds of change that are possible when they use their skills in new contexts.”

–Kayla Grant, University-Community Partnerships Coordinator

“Ginsberg thrives because of our students–their passion, dedication and hard work enriches our partnerships with community partners, faculty, and students on and off campus. We’re so grateful to be part of their learning and leadership journeys!”

–Neeraja Aravamudan, Ginsberg Center Director


Best of luck to the graduates – and to students returning to Ginsberg in the fall, thank you for another incredible year of partnership!