The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Students sitting at desks in a sun-filled classroom

Spring/Summer/Fall 2019 Community-Engaged Courses

Below is a list of some of the community-engaged courses available to students for this coming semester.

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Arts & Humanities

  • Spanish Language Internship Program RCSSCI 360 - Sec 006 Spanish Language Internship Project
    Connecting Spanish-speaking students with community-based organizations in Washtenaw County and Southwest Detroit area. This class is designed to expose students to the study of Latinx experiences in the United States while also paying particular attention to the effects of Race, Racism, and comparisons of discrimination and inequality.

Health Professions

  • Kinesiology KINESLGY 425 Physical Activity & Pediatric Disabilities
    This course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the factors that contribute to the motor behavior characteristics of children with developmental disabilities.


  • LAW 966 Transactional Lab & Clinic
    The Transactional Lab & Clinic (TLC) provides students with an opportunity to learn contract drafting, analysis, and negotiation through live-client experience and an immersive drafting-and-feedback process.


Social Sciences

  • Education EDUC 260 Tutoring Literacy & Language in the Elementary Grades
    The goal of this service learning course is to develop tutors’ skills in working with individual students and small groups of students in grades K-5.​
  • Education EDUC 425 Ann Arbor Languages Partnership
    Build a community of practice and develop the necessary building blocks for successful elementary Spanish instruction. The A2LP seminar presents pedagogy and methodology around language and prepares the students to implement pre-designed lesson plans.
  • Education Interactive Communications & Simulations
    ICS projects connect students, teachers, and community members across space and time, through innovative web-mediated learning projects that tackle serious subjects in engaging, creative ways. ICS has 4 different programs: Michigan Student Caucus, Earth Odysseys, Place Out of Time, and Arab-Israeli Conflict. 
  • Psychology PSYCH 306 Project Outreach Group Leading
    Students will learn to supervise and evaluate the placement activities of others, and gain essential skills in facilitating small group discussions which integrate field experiences with theoretical concepts.
  • Social Work SW 513 Using Data as a Tool for Social Justice
    Learn basic  R coding, Tableau and QGIS (mapping) to visualize data for social justice causes. There will be some coding, but we think it will be fun and valuable!
  • Environment EAS 501 Energy Justice
    This course explores the intersection of energy and equity issues related to a variety of domestic and global energy dynamics, to include ways for rectifying persistent unequal distributions of energy resources to ensure reliable, clean, and affordable energy access.