Community-Engaged Courses

2022 Community-Engaged Courses

We will share some of the community-engaged courses available to students for this coming semester.

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LSA: Humanities

  • Great Lakes Writers Corps: 2 course sequence

    • English 244 Literary Journalism: (Winter 2022) In this course you will interact with working journalists who cover Great Lakes issues and conduct collaborative micro-research projects to learn the ropes of designing and conducting journalism projects and crafting your findings into literary journalism. Through author visits; clinics with experts across UM; guided and collaborative practice; and service-learning opportunities, you will learn an array of research techniques, including interviewing, archival research, and recording techniques. Additionally, you will design, prepare, and propose your own GLWC summer research project. Learn more here Questions? Contact Molly Beer
    • English 344 Writing Workshop: (Fall 2022) In the final phase of the GLWC sequence you will craft your findings into literary journalism stories for general audiences. You will learn about writing (for text or audio), revising, and publishing in a collaborative workshop community of GLWC writers. In this class you will create a portfolio of works and seek out ways for that work to return and serve the community from which it originated. Learn more here  Questions? Contact Molly Beer
  • RCSSCI 360.010 Social Science Junior Seminar, Interfaith Organizing and Social Justice
    • (Winter 2022) This course takes a community-based approach to explore how religion and social justice combine, as people of various faith backgrounds and social identities organize around issues which get them fired up to make change happen. Through work with a community partner, the Interfaith Roundtable of Washtenaw County, we will gain firsthand experience with fostering interfaith collaboration, alongside our in-class discussions of social justice work and community organizing. We will work together to foster community-wide dialogues over issues which have tangible impacts on Washtenaw County and those who live there. Questions? Contact Ben Hollenbach