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Meet the 2016-2017 Ginsberg Student Advisory Board!


The Ginsberg Center Student Advisory Board voices the needs, concerns, and ideas of the students as they relate to the mission and work of the Ginsberg Center. Through monthly meetings, the Board provides input to Ginsberg Center staff regarding programs, initiatives, and direction of the Center. Throughout their time on the Board, members remain active on campus, promote the ideals of the Ginsberg Center, and represent Ginsberg at the University and beyond.


The Board is composed of 15-21 student leaders representing multiple identities, diverse experiences, and a range of involvement in student organizations (particularly those that focus on service, advocacy, and/or political activism) at the University of Michigan. Members are selected through an application process in the winter term.


Student members are expected to make a minimum one academic year commitment and attend Student Advisory Board meetings four times a semester and Student Leader orientation in September.

Past Projects

In the past, the Ginsberg Center Student Advisory Board has projects like the Graduation Social Responsibility Pledge and involved the Ginsberg Center more heavily in U of M’s orientation program. The board has recently provided input and feedback on the Ginsberg Center’s recent strategic plan, organizational restructuring, marketing and recruitment strategies, and budget priorities. Members of the Student Advisory Board have also served on various Ginsberg committees, such as the grant selection committee and hiring committees.

Application Process

We are now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Ginsberg Center Student Advisory Board. Please visit our application on M-Compass and apply by March 23.  

Questions?  Please contact us at

Past Student Advisory Boards:





The student leaders I've met are some of the most impressive, inspiring students I've encountered on campus. - Grace Judge, '17

On the Student Advisory Board, I feel like I'm connected to a diverse community of students that are as excited about their work with community as I am, and this passion can be such a powerful place for growth, collaboration and conversation.
- Katherine Rouen, '16