The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

A Vision for Change. A Call for Action.

SERVE creates spaces for students to come together authentically around issues, communities, and beliefs they hold important. The SERVE team works to provide resources for students and student organizations seeking to learn from their service, activism, and civic engagement experiences.  

SERVE's mission is to foster, through community service and social action, a student movement at the University of Michigan that thoughtfully addresses the challenges we face as a society.

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Social Change                                 

Our primary goal is to work toward a more just and peaceful society and toward an end to the social inequities and issues that we face.

We support service immersion programs that provide a space for students to engage in meaningful service work to thoughtfully address serious social issues.

GO BLUE! GO BREAK! Get involved with our Alternative Breaks here.


Student Leadership                         

We believe student voice and leadership is essential in building this movement toward social change. SERVE supports student-facilitated, student-run community service and social action.

Develop your leadership skills with our Community Engagement Leadership Fellows Program or our Student Advisory Board.


We strive to empower students to work toward real solutions to community issues through their involvement in community service and social action.

We commit ourselves to organizations that empower the communities and individuals with whom we work. We also support student organizations working to enact social change through empowerment. Check out one of our sponsored student organizations, ReSource Fund.

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Working Together                              

In order to address social issues, we must work together with all who are committed to social change. We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive campus movement; to networking and collaborating, both locally and nationally, with others (especially other young people) who are working to solve these issues; and to working with faculty, staff, community agencies, and community members to build quality service experiences and to address community needs. If you’re interested in sponsoring an event with the Ginsberg Center, check out info on Event Sponsorship.

Check out our customized advising sessions for students and student organizations seeking purposeful ways to engage in the community through service.


Heightening Awareness                     

Our response to social problems is dependent upon our educating ourselves and others about those issues. We are committed to raising awareness of social issues both on campus and in the larger community.

Get informed and get involved about social issues at our Workshops.


You can contact SERVE at How will you impact your community today?