Volume 09, 2002

Includes issues 1-3, including the special Community-Based Research.

Issue 1

Factors That Motivate and Deter Faculty Use of Service-Learning, Elisa S. Abes, Golden Jackson, Susan R. Jones

Changes in College Students' Attitudes and Intentions for Civic Involvement as a Function of Service-Learning Experiences, Barbara E. Moely, Megan McFarland, Devi Miron, Sterett Mercer, Vincent Ilustre

What's the Value of Service-Learning to the Community?, Adeny Schmidt, Matthew A. Robby

Differences in Faculty and Community Partners' Theories of Learning, Nora Bacon

Metaphors We Serve By: Investigating the Conceptual Metaphors Framing National and Community Service and Service-Learning, Joby Taylor

Environmental Service-Learning: Social Transformation through Caring for a Particular Place, Janel M. Curry, Gail Heffner, David Warners

Service-Learning as Crucible: Reflections on Immersion, Context, Power, and Transformation, Lori Pompa

Community Matters: A Reader for Writers (Majorie Ford and Elizabeth Schave), Scott Melanson.

Issue 2

Does One Size Fit All? The Challenge of Social Cognitive Development, Rick Sperling, Vivian Ota Wang, Janice M. Kelly, Beth Hritsuk

Can Service-Learning Help Students Appreciate an Unpopular Course?: A Theoretical Framework, Nicholas Evangelopoulos, Anna Sidorova, Laura Riolli

Unrecognized Roots of Service-Learning in African American Social Thought and Action, 1890-1930, Charles S. Stevens

Community-Based Research: From Practice to Theory and Back Again, Randy Stoecker

Students and Service Staff Learning and Researching Together on a College Campus, Diane Downer Anderson

Training Peer Facilitators for Community Service Learning Leadership, Mark A. Chesler, Jennifer Kellman-Fritz, Amy Knife-Gould

Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum: A Resource Book for Service-Learning Faculty in All Disciplines (Richard M. Battistoni), Gregory B. Markus

Issue 3

Principles of Best Practice for Community-Based Research, Kerry Strand, Sam Marullo, Nick Cutforth, Randy Stoecker, Patrick Donohue

Opportunities and Pitfalls of Community-Based Research: A Case Study, Michael Polanyi, Lynn Cockburn

Negotiating Community-Based Research: A Case Study of the "Life's Work" Project, Adam S. Weinberg

The Student's Role in Community-Based Research, Jason Willis, Jennifer Peresie, Vanessa Waldref, Deirdra Stockmann

Community-Based Research Networks: Development and Lessons Learned in an Emerging Field, Randy Stoecker, Susan H. Ambler, Nick Cutforth, Patrick Donohue, Dan Dougherty, Sam Marullo, Kris S. Nelson, Nancy B. Stutts

Community-Based Research Assessments: Some Principles and Practices, Sam Marullo, Deanna Cooke, Jason Willis, Alexandra Rollins, Jacqueline Burke, Paul Bonilla, Vanessa Waldref   Community-Based Research: Celebration and Concern, Richard Couto