Volume 07, 2000

Service-Learning:Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes in a College-Level Lecture Course, Amy A. Strage

Toward a Theory of Engagement: A Cognitive Mapping of Service-Learning Experiences, Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Regan Harwell Schaffer

Comparing the Effects of Community Service and Service-Learning, Lori J. Vogelgesang, Alexander W. Astin

Assessments by Community Agencies: How "the Other Side" Sees Service-Learning, Joseph R. Ferrari, Laurie Worrall

Changes in Involvement Preferences as Measured by the Community Service Involvement Preference Inventory, Christopher A. Payne

The Relationship between Performance Feedback and Service-Learnings, Mahesh Subramony

What Really Happens? A Look Inside Service-Learning for Multicultural Teacher Education, Marilynne Boyle-Baise, James Kilbane

Creating Reciprocal Learning Relationships Across Socially-Constructed Borders, Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Eileen K. Erwin

Service as Text: Making the Metaphor Meaningful, Lori Varlotta   Community-Based Research as Pedagogy, Kerry J. Strand

John Dewey and the Rebuilding of Urban Community: Engaging Undergraduates as Neighborhood Organizers, C. Kim Cummings

Between School and Community: Situating Service-Learning in University Art Galleries, Carol S. Jeffers

Service-Learning "Rules" that Encourage or Discourage Long-Term Service: Implications for Practice and Research, Carol M. Werner, Natasha McVaugh

Live Cases: Service-Learning Consulting Projects in Business Courses, Susan Hayes Godar

The Problem of Time: Enabling Students to Make Long-Term Commitments to Community-Based Learning, John Wallace

Dare the School Build a New Social Order?, Tony Robinson

Participants in, not Spectators to, Democracy: The Discourse on Civic Responsibility in Higher Education, Dilafruz R. Williams