Volume 05, 1998

Student Effects of Service-Learning: Tracking Change Across a Semester, Randall E. Osborne, Sharon Hammerich, Chanin Hensley

The "Different Voice" of Service, Catherine Ludlum Foos

What Service-Learning Can Learn from Situated Learning, Larry Wolfson, John Willinsky

Pedagogical Variations in Service-Learning and Student Outcomes: How Time, Contact, and Reflection Matter, J. Beth Mabry

The Community Service Self-Efficacy Scale: Evidence of Reliability, Construct Validity, and Pragmatic Utility, Roger N. Reeb, Ronald M. Katsuyama, Julie A. Sammon, David S. Yoder

Voices of Students in Multicultural Service-Learning Settings, Michelle R. Dunlap

Freshman Composition, the Internet, and Service-Learning, Floyd Ogburn, Barbara Wallace

Lessons in Citizen Forums and Democratic Decision-Making: A Service-Learning Case Study, Christopher Koliba

Community Service for Community Building: The School-Based Service Corps as Border Crossers, Novella Z. Keith

Community-University Partnerships for Mutual Learning, Sherril B. Gelmon, Barbara A. Holland, Sarena D. Seifer, Anu Shinnamon, Kara Connors

Can Service-Learning Transform the Modern University? A Lesson from History, Kevin Mattson

Integrating Service-Learning into the Mainstream: A Case Study, Renee L. Buchanan