Volume 04, 1997

The Impact of Service-Learning on College Students, Janet Eyler, Dwight E. Giles, Jr., John Braxton

The Impact of Service-Learning Experiences on Students' Sense of Power, Jerry Miller

The Moral Dimensions of John Dewey's Philosophy: Implications for Undergraduate Education, Julie A. Hatcher

Analyzing Institutional Commitment to Service: A Model of Key Organizational Factors, Barbara Holland

Community Service Learning in Student Teaching: Toward the Development of an Active Citizenry, Rahima C. Wade, Donald B. Yarbrough

The Role of the Personal Fable in Adolescent Service-Learning and Critical Reflection, Michelle R. Dunlap

Small Group Dynamics as a Catalyst for Change: A Faculty Development Model for Academic Service-Learning, Dale Rice, Katleen Stacey

Border Pedagogy: A Critical Framework for Service-Learning, Elisabeth Hayes, Sondra Cuban

EPICS: A Model for Integrating Service-Learning into the Engineering Curriculum, Edward J. Coyle, Leah H. Jamieson, Larry S. Sommers

Expaning the Dialogue: Service Learning in Costa Rica and Indonesia, David Williams, William D. Eiserman

A Multicultural Reading and Writing Experience: Read Aloud as Service-Learning in English Class, Dan Fraizer

Discipline-Specific Knowledge in Service-Learning: A Strategic Alliance Amongst Universities, Professional Associations, and Non-Profit Organizations, Margarita Maria Lenk

Group Dynamics in Service-Learning: Guiding Student Relations, Sally Raskoff   Curious Minds After-school Program: A Creative Solution to a Community Needs, Julie Bullard, Julie Maloney

Service-Learning and Leadership Development: Posing Questions Not Answers, Jennifer Althaus

Institutionalizing Community Service Learning at Major Research University: The Case of the East St. Louis Action Researh Project, Kenneth M. Reardon

Addams, Day, and Dewey: The Emergence of Community Service in American Culture, Keith Morton, John Saltmarsh