Volume 03, 1996

Epistemology, Communities and Experts: A Response to Goodwin Liu, Kenneth A. Richman

Education for Critical Citizenship: John Dewey's Contribution to the Pedagogy of Community Service Learning, John Saltmarsh

Service-Learning: A Catalyst for Constructing Democratic Progressive Communities, Lori E. Varlotta

Service-Learning Practice: A Theoretical Framework, Dick Cone, Susan Harris

Effect of a Comprehensive Service-Learning Program on College Students Level of Modern Racism, Scott J. Myers-Lipton

Service-Learning and Student Volunteerism: Reflections on Institutional Commitment, Kelly Ward

An Assessment Model for Service-Learning: Comprehensive Case Studies of Impact on Faculty, Students, Community, and Institution, Amy Driscoll, Barbara Holland, Sherril Gelmon, Seanna Kerrigan

Outcomes of Service-Learning in an Introduction to Sociology Course, J. Richard Kendrick

Combining Community Service and the Study of American Public Policy, William E. Hudson   The Institutional Challenge of Community Service Learning, Deborah Williams Minter, Heidi Schweingruber

Community Service Learning as Democratic Education in South Africa and the United States, Meta Mendel-Reyes, Jeremy Weinstein

Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Service-Learning: Lessons from the Health Professions, Kara Connors, Sarena Seifer, Julian Sebastian, Denice Cora-Bramble, Richard Hart

Learning Peace? Creating a Class on Creating Community, Lee Herman, Joy W. Shortell