Volume 18, 2011-2012, Institutional


Issue 1

“Making Space”: Lessons from Collaborations with Tribal Nations
Erich Steinman

Civic-Minded Graduate: A North Star
Kathryn S. Steinberg, Julie A. Hatcher and Robert G. Bringle

College Students’ Negotiation of Privilege in a Community-Based Violence Prevention Project
Beth S. Catlett and Amira Proweller

Serving Ourselves: How the Discourse on Community Engagement Privileges the University over the Community
Kathleen Bortolin

Problematizing Service-Learning: Critical Reflections for Development and Action
Trae Stewart and Nicole Webster, Editors
Reviewed by Edward Zlotkowski

The Word on the Street: Linking the Academy and the Common Reader
Harvey Teres
Reviewed by Alice Marie Villaseñor

From Command to Community: A New Approach to Leadership Education in Colleges and Universities
Nicholas V. Longo and Cynthia M. Gibson, Editors
Reviewed by Richard A. Couto 


Issue 2

Service-Learning and Student Diversity Outcomes: Existing Evidence and Directions for Future Research 
Matthew A. Holsapple

Place-Building Theory: A Framework for Assessing and Advancing Community Engagement in Higher Education 
Michael J. Kimball and David F. Thomas

Human Subjects Protection: A Source for Ethical Service-Learning Practice 
Rachael Wendler

Investigating Faculty Learning in the Context of Community-Engaged Scholarship 
Jessica Katz Jameson, Patti H. Clayton, Audrey J. Jaeger and Robert G. Bringle

Does Service-Learning Increase Student Learning?: A Meta-Analysis 
Jami L. Warren

Dance Performance: Giving Voice to the Community 
Simone Ferro and Meredith W. Watts

To Serve a Larger Purpose”: Engagement for Democracy and the Transformation of Higher Education
John Saltmarsh & Matthew Hartley, Editors
Reviewed by John C. Burkhardt and Jessica Joslin

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