Volume 17, 2010-1011, Institutional

Issue 1

Complicating College Students’ Conception of the American Dream through Community Service Learning
Scott C. Seider, Susan C. Gillmor and Samantha A. Rabinowicz

Sustained Immersion Courses and Student Orientations to Equality, Justice, and Social Responsibility: The Role of Short-Term Service-Learning
Nicholas A. Bowman , Jay W. Brandenberger, Connie Snyder Mick and Cynthia Toms Smedley

Sustained Dialogue and Civic Life: Post-College Impacts
Ande Diaz and Rachael Perrault

Institutionalizing Faculty Engagement through Research, Teaching, and Service at Research Universities
Tami L. Moore and Kelly Ward

What Influences the Long-Term Sustainability of Service-Learning? Lessons from Early Adopters 
Amanda L. Vogel, Sarena D. Seifer and Sherril B. Gelmon

A City-Campus Engagement Theory From, and For, Practice
Lorlene Hoyt

Gravyland: Writing Beyond the Curriculum in the City of Brotherly Love
Stephen Parks
Reviewed by Paul Feigenbaum

Service-Learning and Social Justice: Engaging Students in Social Change
Susan Benigni Cipolle
Reviewed by Tania D. Mitchell

Issue 2

Service-Learning and Critical Emotion Studies: On the Perils of Empathy and the Politics of Compassion
Lisa Langstraat and Melody Bowdon

Building Effective Community-University Partnerships: Are Universities Truly Ready?
Susan Eckerle Curwood, Felix Munger, Terry Mitchell, Mary Mackeigan and Ashley Farrar

Negotiating Border Crossing: Influences of Social Identity on Service-Learning Outcomes
Susan Robb Jones, Claire Kathleen Robbins and Lucy A. LePeau

University Students’ Views of a Public Service Graduation Requirement 
Barbara E. Moely and Vincent Ilustre

Revitalizing South Memphis through an Interdisciplinary Community-University Development Partnership
Katherine Lambert-Pennington, Kenneth M. Reardon and Kenneth S. Robinson

Social Problems: A Service-Learning Approach
Corey Dolgon and Chris Baker
Reviewed by Sam Marullo

International Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research
Robert G. Bringle, Julie A. Hatcher, and Steven G. Jones, Editors
Reviewed by Robbin D. Crabtree