Volume 12, 2005-6

A Transformative Learning Model for Service-Learning: A Longitudinal Case Study, Richard Kiely

Comparing College Community Participation and Future Service Behaviors and Attitudes, L. Mickey Fenzel, Mark Peyrot

Community Nonprofit Organizations and Service-Learning: Resource Constraints to Building Partnerships with Universities, Brenda K. Bushouse

Communities for Growth: Cultivating and Sustaining Service-Learning Teaching and Scholarship in a Faculty Fellows Program, Angela M. Harwood, Leslie Ochs, Deborah Currier, Shearlean Duke, Joyce Hammond, Lisa Moulds, Karen Stout, Carmen Werder

PAR for the Course: A Congruent Pedagogical Approach for a PAR Methods Class, Joyce D. Hammond, Maria Hicks, Rowenn Kalman, Jason Miller

Issue 2 Behind the Rhetoric: Applying a Cultural Theory Lens to Community-Campus Partnership Development, Kevin Kecskes

Service-Learning in Nonprofit Organizations: Motivations, Expectations, and Outcomes, Nancy Basinger, Keith Bartholomew

Community Agency Voice and Benefit in Service-Learning, Devi Miron, Barbara E. Moely

Emotion and Learning: Feeling our Way Toward a New Theory of Reflection in Service-Learning, Peter Felten, Leigh Z. Gilchrist, Alexa Darby

A Logic Model of Service-Learning: Tensions and Issues for Further Consideration, Daniel Lowery, Deborah L. May, Kim A. Duchane, Russell Coulter-Kern, Pamala V. De'Bryant, John G. Morris, Mac Pomery, Bellner