Volume 11, 2004-5

Issue 1

Jane Addams and the Origins of Service-Learning Practice in the United States, Gary Daynes, Nicholas V. Longo

Expanding the Self through Service-Learning, Salena M. Brody, Stephen C. Wright

Service-Learning Partnerships: Paths of Engagement, Silvia Dorado, Dwight E. Giles, Jr.

Designing Effective Reflection: What Matters to Service-Learning?, Julie A. Hatcher, Robert G. Bringle, Richard Muthiah

Educating the Civic Professional: Reconfigurations and Resistances, Scott J. Peters

Shifts in Perspective: Capitalizing on the Counter-Normative Nature of Service-Learning, Patti H. Clayton, Sarah L. Ash

Issue 2

Community Service Learning in the Face of Globalization: Rethinking Theory and Practice, Novella Zett Keith

The Impact of Service-Learning Pedagogy on Faculty Teaching and Learning, Dean A. Pribbenow

Forms and Dimensions of Civic Involvement, Yan Wang, Golden Jackson   Integrating Reflection and Assessment to Capture and Improve Student Learning, Sarah L. Ash, Patti H. Clayton, Maxine P. Atkinson   Public Work and the Academy: An Academic Administrators Guide to Civic Engagement and Service-Learning (Mark Langseth and William M. Plater (Eds.)), John Burkhardt, Penny Pasque