Volume 10, 2003-4

Issue 1

Service-Learning and Engagement, Academic Challenge, and Retention, Sara M. Gallini, Barbara E. Moely

The Path to Altruism in Service-Learning Classes: Big Steps or A Different Kind of Awkwardness?, Carol A. Marchel

Outcomes for Community Partners in an Unmediated Service-Learning Program, Ethel Jorge

Care Ethics, Service-Learning, and Social Change, Jean Keller, Sheila Nelson, Rachel Wick

Course Transitions, Midsemester Assessment, and Program Design Characteristics: A Case Study, Leigh Z. Gilchrist, Meaghan E. Mundy, Peter Felten, Sharon L. Shields

Commitment and Connection: Service-Learning and Christian Higher Education (Gail Gunst Heffner and Claudia DeVries Beversluis), Gary Hesser

Educating Citizens: Preparing America's Undergraduates for Lives of Moral and Civic Responsibility (Anne Colby, Thomas Ehrlich, Elizabeth Beaumont, and Jason Stephens), Priya Kapoor, Dilafruz R. Williams

Writing and Community Action: A Service-Learning Rhetoric with Readings (Thomas Deans), Scott Melanson

Issue 2

A Chameleon with a Complex: Searching for Transformation in International Service-Learning, Richard Kiely

Characteristics of Faculty Who Adopt Community Service Learning Pedagogy, Valerie C. McKay, Patricia D. Rozee

Diversity Work and Service-Learning: Understanding Campus Dynamics, Lori J. Vogelgesang

Toward a Social Approach to Learning in Community Service Learning, Leda Cooks, Erica Scharrer, Mari Castaneda Paredes

Service-Learning and the Downsizing of Democracy: Learning Our Way Out, Christopher J. Koliba

Community-Based Research and Higher Education (Kerry Strand, Sam Marullo, Nick Cutforth, Randy Stoecker, and Patrick Donahu), Nancy B. Stutts

Issue 3 Service-Learning and Anthropology, Arthur S. Keene, Sumi Colligan

Strengthening Pedagogy and Praxis in Cultural Anthropology and Service-Learning: Insights from Postcolonialism, Maryann McCabe

Power and Privilege: Community Service Learning in Tijuana, Michelle Madsen Camacho

Acompañar Obediciendo: Learning to Help in Collaboration with Zapatista Communities, Jeanne Simonelli, Duncan Earle, Elizabeth Story

Teaching Critical Reflection Through Narrative Storytelling, Nancy P. Chin

Public Interest Anthropology: A Boasian Service-Learning Initiative, Peggy Reeves Sanday, Karl Jannowitz

Youth Participatory Action Research: A Transformative Approach to Service-Learning, Jean J. Schensul, Marlene Berg

Implementing Community Service Learning through Archaeological Practice, Michael S. Nassaney

The Urban Nutrition Initiative: Bringing Academically-Based Community Service to the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Anthropology, Francis E. Johnston, Ira Harkavy, Frances Barg, Danny Gerber, Jennifer Rulf