Volume 01, 1994

The first volume of the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning. The Experience of Faculty Participants in an Instructional Development Seminar on Service-Learning, Timothy K. Stanton

Integrating Service and Academic Study: Faculty Motivation and Satisfaction in Michigan Higher Education, Chris Hammond

Linking Traditional and Service-Learning Courses: Outcome Evaluations Utilizing Two Pedagological Distinct Models, Jerry Miller

Community Service Learning: Striking the Chord of Citizenship, Marilyn W. Smith

Undergraduate Research in Distressed Urban Communities: An Undervalued Form of Service-Learning, Kenneth M. Reardon

Teaching Empowerment, Helen Fox

Combining Small Group Problem Solving with Service-Learning, Paul Yelsma

Learning While Serving in a Psychology Internship, James P. Motiff, Patricia V. Roehling

The Theoretical Roots of Service-Learning in John Dewey: Toward a Theory of Service Learning, Dwight E. Giles, Jr., Janet Eyler

A Proposal for Mandatory Citizen Education and Community Service, Benjamin R. Barber

Service-Learning in Teacher Education: A Third Rationale, Susan Root

Matching University Mission with Service Motivation: Do the Accomplishments of Community Service Match the Claims?, Jeremy Cohen

Forging University-Community Collaboration: The Agency Perspective on National Service, Carol H. Tice

Seven Steps to Getting Faculty Involved in Service-Learning: How a Traditional Faculty Member Came to Teach a Course on "Voluntarism, Community, and Citizenship.", Myron A. Levine

Teaching Excellence: The Role of Service-Learning, Arden Moon