Volume 19, 2012-2013


Issue 1

Student Perceptions of Community-based Research Partners and the Politics of Knowledge
Emily W. Kane

Reciprocity: Saying What We Mean and Meaning What We Say
Lina D. Dostilio, Sarah M. Brackmann, Kathleen E. Edwards, Barbara Harrison, Brandon W. Kliewer and Patti H. Clayton

The Four Furies: Primary Tensions between Service-Learners and Host Agencies
Steven D. Mills

Collaborative Faculty Assessment of Service-Learning Student Work to
Improve Student and Faculty Learning and Course Design
Daniel F. Shapiro

Disrupting Borders: A Case Study in Engaged Pedagogy
Laurie Ross

Service-learning in Design and Planning: Education at the Boundaries
Tom Angotti, Cheryl Doble, & Paula Horrigan, Editors
Reviewed by Sharon E. Sutton

Exploring Cultural Dynamics and Tensions in Service-Learning

Trae Stewart and Nicole Webster, Editors
Reviewed by Tania D. Mitchell


Issue 2

University Leaders’ Use of Episodic Power to Support Faculty Community Engagement
KerryAnn O’Meara, Andrew Lounder and Aleece Hodges

Stability and Change in the Development of College Students’
Civic Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills
Barbara E. Moely and Vincent Ilustre

Critical Community Service Learning: Combining Critical Classroom Pedagogy
with Activist Community Placements
Tania Kajner, Donna Chovanec, Misty Underwood and Ayesha Mian

Points of Discomfort: Reflections on Power and Partnerships in International Service-Learning
Erin K. Sharpe and Samantha Dear

No Values, No Democracy: The Essential Partisanship of a Civic Engagement Movement
Eric Hartman

Why the Civic Engagement Movement Cannot Achieve Democratic and Justice Aims
Brandon W. Kliewer

The Engaged Campus: Certificates, Minors, and Majors as the New Community Engagement
Dan Butin & Scott Seider, Editors Reviewed by Patti H. Clayton, Kathleen E. Edwards and Sarah M. Brackmann

Pushing Back the Gates: Neighborhood Perspectives on University-Driven Revitalization in West Philadelphia
Harley F. Etienne

College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be
Andrew Delbanco Reviewed by Dan W. Butin and Daniyal Saud

Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences:
Practical Applications in Engineering Education

Brian Nejmeh, Editor
 Reviewed by Paul Resnick 

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