The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Ginsberg Is...Annie Rashes

I’ve always been passionate about social justice work. While volunteering with America Reads, I learned about more ways in which the Ginsberg Center connects people to community organizations.

Annie Rashes, America Reads Team Leader at the Ginsberg Center

Ginsberg Is...Amani Echols

Not only does the Ginsberg Center prioritize the goals of communities, but it also invests in student leadership. Serving on the Student Advisory Board has allowed me to be on the receiving end of this leadership development, supporting my various personal and student organization initiatives.

Amani Echols, former member of Ginsberg's Student Advisory Board

Ginsberg Is...Marianna Coulentianos, Graduate Academic Liaison

"When I started working at the Ginsberg Center in September 2017, I realized I was now a part of a community of people who approached community engagement from a much broader perspective than I had been able to wrap my head around. I was working with an interdisciplinary team of students who had all experienced community engagement in a different context."

Photo of Marianna Coulentianos, a Ginsberg Center Graduate Academic Liaison

Institute for Community-Driven Practice

For over 20 years, the Ginsberg Center has worked with students, faculty, and communities to develop the skills for ethically connect campus and communities. We use a community-driven model of engagement created to generate sustainable impact. The Institute for Community-Driven Practice (CDP) is a training program, offered by the Ginsberg Center, designed for faculty and staff who support community-engaged practice and scholarship.

Logo for Institute for Community-Driven Practice


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