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Well-Being and Civic Engagement

Civic engagement not only benefits our communities, but has positive benefits for us as individuals, reducing isolation and creating connections with people and institutions beyond ourselves. When students are engaged in making the world better, in addition to advancing student learning, there is the added benefit of improving individual well-being. This overview of research findings indicate that altruism & civic engagement contribute to emotional and mental well-being.

8-petaled flower for 8 elements of U-M well-being model: physical, emotional & mental, environmental, financial, occupational, social, intellectual, spiritual

Staff Spotlight: Amanda Healy

Our staff spotlight this week is Amanda Healy. Amanda is the University-Community Partnerships Manager at the Ginsberg Center.


University-Community Partnerships Manager - Amanda Healy

Staff Spotlight: Julia Smillie

Our staff spotlight this week is Julia Smillie. Julia works at the Ginsberg Center as the Communications & Marketing Manager.

What is your professional background?
I’ve had a pretty varied professional journey. My degree is in Communications and Media Literacy. I’ve worked in PR and marketing, been an advice columnist, and I was a freelance writer and editor for many years before coming to Ginsberg. I also went back to school a few years ago to get my MFA in Creative Writing. 

Communications & Marketing Manager - Julia Smillie


What Pathways are you on to create social change?

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