The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Danyelle Reynolds

Our staff spotlight this week is Danyelle Reynolds. Danyelle works at the Ginsberg Center as the Assistant Director for Student Learning and Leadership. 

What is your professional background in?
My background is in education and leadership development. I attended University of Georgia for my undergrad degree and got my masters degree in higher education from the Ohio State University. I am currently attending the University of Chicago, pursuing a masters degree in social sciences. When I was job searching I knew I wanted to do work in college student leadership and community engagement work. When interviewing with the Ginsberg Center, the values and sense of community stood out to me and I knew I wanted to be a part of the team here. Seeing how people at Ginsberg live through their values and treat others was the reason I came here.

What is your job function at the Ginsberg Center?
At the Ginsberg Center I lead the student facing team. I help to support all of the student facing work that the Ginsberg Center does. This means creating strategy for how the Ginsberg Center works with students, as well as supervising staff, and managing a couple of our leadership programs including our community leadership fellows program.

What is one of your favorite projects you have worked on at the Ginsberg Center?
One of my favorite projects during time in this role has been collaborating with campus partners to create the Massive Open Online Course "Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change," and expanding the Community Leadership Fellows program. I was the person that represented the Ginsberg Center on that team. We created an online course for people that are doing community engagement that is able to be accessed by people all over the world. It has gotten very high ratings from users and being a part of this project was very meaningful to me. 

What are your social change interests in your personal life?
Outside of the Ginsberg Center I am very invested in racial and economic justice, as well as educational equity.

What has helped you during the pandemic (object, cooking, food, TV, etc.)
It was important for me to be out in nature. Getting to spend time outside at new parks was something I did frequently. I also loved cooking during quarantine, especially making bread. I loved having more time to cook because it is something I normally do not have a lot of time to do. I got to test out many different recipes during quarantine.