The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning


In addition to our consultation services, we can share additional resources to support your Community-Engaged Scholarship efforts. Below we offer a compillation of supplemental readings and tools that have been highlighted on our website. To work with a Ginsberg staff member in implementing or expanding beyond these resources, please contact us at

Explore resources and strategies for your community-engaged teaching, including project-based, discipline-based, or community-based research courses.

Discover tools and resources to support your community-engaged research intitiatives. 

Explore tools and resources that can help you more easily and effectively measure the impact of your community-engaged teaching, research and service on both student learning and community outcomes.

Tenure & Promotion
Explore resources to help document your Community-Engaged Scholarship and create strong portfolios for promotion and tenure.

Explore community engagement research and journals that are currently shaping the field. Explore key articles from the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, published by the Ginsberg Center.

Explore past events (and relevant resources) related to community engagement.