The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Here you will find a list of what's happening around you this week. From workshops in service learning to screenings of the newest social justice film, this is a resource made specifically for you.


1) Free Speech: A WeListen Staff Session

WeListen Staff Free Speech

This session of WeListen is open to all UM staff members. All voices and views are welcome!

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WeListen began as a student organization with the goal of sparking small-group conversations (not debates!) between people with divergent political viewpoints.
Each session aims to help participants understand the underlying values and experiences that drive others’ political views. We are proud to be hosting the first staff session of WeListen on the topic of free speech.

Free speech is a fundamental right, guaranteed for all Americans. However, Richard Spencer’s recent request to speak on campus has some questioning if free speech should have limits. His request has raised questions including: how is hate speech defined? Are protests that infringe on others' First Amendment rights justified? How can campuses effectively manage requests from controversial speakers?

Our aim is to bring liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and everyone across the political spectrum together for a constructive conversation about free speech. The goal of WeListen discussions is not to debate or argue, but to understand the views and values of others and to learn from their perspectives.

Lunch will be served!

This event is co-sponsored by the the Ginsberg Center, LSA Dean's Office, and LSA Psychology.


2) #MeToo: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

MeToo Flyer

Join us for a panel discussion about the movement; where we've been and the future we will shape.

We will have time for conversation and questions, and snacks will be served!


3) Self-Care in a Digital World


Technology can be both helpful and harmful to one's mental health.

In this wellness group, college and graduate students will receive a presentation about practicing self-care in a digital world. Q&A and a facilitated group session will follow to discuss challenges faced, share successful strategies, and connect with other students who may have similar experiences.

Light refreshments will be served.