The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

Here you will find a list of what's happening around you this week. From workshops in service learning to screenings of the newest social justice film, this is a resource made specifically for you.


1) Allyhood Development Training

The Spectrum Center's LGBTQ Allyhood Development Training Program, started in 2005, seeks to support an individual or organization’s process of development as it relates to LGBTQ inclusivity and advocacy. Allyhood Development Training (ADT) uses a social justice framework to illustrate the lived experiences of LGBTQ identified people to workshop participants.

Topics include social identities, LGBTQ terminology, active bystander intervention strategies, and practice utilizing the day's knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios.

Through active engagement in the training, participants will grow in their personal awareness, knowledge, skills, and actions as it relates to their engagement in doing ally work. The purpose of having the Allyhood Development Training is to promote a campus community in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

The Spectrum Center Allyhood Development Training will take place on March 21st, from 10 AM to 4 PM in the CSG Chambers (located on the third floor of the Michigan Union.) 

Food will be provided at the training, so please ensure you are able to attend before registering, and note any dietary restrictions you might have on the registration form. 


2) Keeping it Real: Authentic Political Dialogue

Have you ever had a constructive conversation with someone who has a different political identity or political perspective than you? Can you imagine building a bridge across political difference? Have you ever wondered how it is that other intelligent, caring people could come to a completely different political perspective than you? 

If you are intrigued by the possibility of building bridges across political perspectives or crossing political chasms through dialogue, then you are in luck! The Ginsberg Center, the Program on Intergroup Relations, and the Office of Student Conflict Resolution have partnered to create 
Keeping it Real: Authentic Political Dialogue - a workshop series for U-M students who are interested in productive conversations across the political spectrum and social identities. 

Food will be provided and space is limited, so if you’d like to join us, register using the links below! 

Session 1: Deconstructing Your Political Identity with GIO (Ginsberg, IGR, OSCR)
Friday, March 16th @ the Connector 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Register Here:

Session 2: Building Bridges Across Political Perspectives with GIO (Ginsberg, IGR, OSCR)
Friday, March 23rd @ the Connector 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Register Here:

Session 3: Crossing Political Chasms through Dialogue with GIO (Ginsberg, IGR, OSCR)
Friday, March 30th @ the Connector 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Register Here:


3) Entering, Engaging and Exiting Communities

This workshop introduces principles and practices for thoughtfully engaging with communities, including motivations, impact of social identities, and strategies for engaging in reciprocal, ethical, and respectful ways.

Happening on March 21st from 6-7:30.