Delta Delta Delta (DDD) Project Funding


The Ginsberg Center provides funding to support individual and group projects meeting community-identified needs. Alumnae of the University of Michigan Delta Delta Delta Iota House endowed this fund in 2016 to support positive community engagement in current students.

Funding is intended to support off-campus, direct service and social action initiatives. Funds may only be used for project costs incurred by the student or community partner, such as materials, supplies, evaluation support, or transportation. On-campus projects will only be considered if the project's focus is primarily benefiting off-campus community members. 

Funding is NOT to be used for t-shirts, airfare, speaker honorarium, or on-campus events that are not in direct partnership with community organizations.


Eligibility Requirements:

Any currently enrolled undergraduate student at UM- Ann Arbor (including current seniors for summer projects) may submit an application. Students may apply for funding of an individual project or a project of a registered student organization of which they are a member.

Projects may take place in any domestic location.  The application should include a 1-page budget detailing project expenses beyond and including how you would plan to spend the $800 grant.

Priority for funding will be given to:

  • Projects taking place in Southeast Michigan
  • Students that are a member of UM Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Organizational initiatives meeting community-identified needs
  • Projects towards the establishment or cultivation of a sustainable, ongoing partnership
  • Projects in line with Ginsberg Center Guiding Principles


During the 2022-23 academic year, the Delta Delta Delta Project funds can fund projects up to $800. 


Grant Process Requirements:

The process for grant funding with the Ginsberg Center is an interactive process, in which group members work with members of the Ginsberg Center team to increase the potential for positive, sustainable community impact. Requirements for grant funded groups include:

  • Attendance at an “Entering, Engaging, and Exiting Communities” workshop. 

  • Two advising meetings with Ginsberg Center staff; once before the initiative and once after.

  • Create an e-portfolio that highlights both the community impact and student learning from the project, along with a final budget report.

  • Attend the Ginsberg Grants Teach-In, which takes place in April. 

  • acknowledge the support of the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning on promotional materials and activity products;
  • execute a purposeful and effective project
  • be involved in stewardship activities with the donors, including a thank-you letter during the Winter Semester;

Failure to meet these program requirements may result in the termination of funding agreement



Applications due: March 17, 2023.

Decision made and shared with applicants: April 6, 2023.



The application for the Delta Delta Delta (DDD) Community Based Project funds is part of the Community Engagement Grant proccess; the application can be found through MaizePages. Student organizations must use their updated MaizePages account in order to access and submit their application, indicating in the application that they would like to apply for Delta Delta Delta Project funds.